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Pink Lady Prison Consultants guides its clients through the phases of Indictment, Trial, Sentencing, and Prison Survival through Supervised Release. By using our services, clients can qualify for Sentence Reductions and have an edge when dealing with their lawyers, prosecutors, the Federal Bureau of Prisons and other Federal Law Enforcement agencies.

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About Holli Coulman

Holli Coulman, a college educated professional, who ascended the corporate ladder over a 16 year period serving the administrative needs of senior and executive vice presidents at a large high-tech company found herself targeted under a federal investigation.  Upon legal advice she took a plea to avoid the exorbitant cost of taking her case to trial.  She was given a 21-month sentence for one count of wire fraud.

She spent the next 15 months in the Women’s Camp at FCC Victorville, California, 2 months in the Solitary Housing Unit (SHU) at the San Bernardino County Jail for writing a blog, and the final 3 months at a Halfway House.  After familiarizing herself with BOP policies and applicable sections of Federal Code, she completed her American Bar Association Paralegal Certification and was able to assist numerous fellow inmates with coursework, compassionate releases, appeals, and other administrative needs.

Holli has realized her true calling is to help women prepare themselves and their families for life leading up to, during, and after their prison terms.  She is also working on a book that will document her experiences. If you would like to speak with Holli please contact us today.


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